These images will Restore Your Lost Faith in Humanity

Corona; a word you could hear everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE, right now. The number of deaths is rising as I’m typing these words. It has been reported in more than 860,793 coronavirus cases and 42,324 deaths so far.

I know there were some situations which shook our faith in humanity. Some people had acted in an inhumane way in the crises of this outbreak. Yet, trust me. There are people out there who are still good, kind, caring and would cross the ocean for you. 

These images from all around the world will help you to restore your faith in humanity.

#1 Coronavirus-Wholesome-Quarantine-Good-News

This is a Belgian woman, Suzanne Hoylaerts aged 90. Unfortunately, she dies of #Covid_19, because she refuses a respirator, telling her doctors “Save it for the youngest [who need it most], I’ve already had a beautiful life.” Coronavirus-Wholesome-Quarantine-Good-News


He came out of retirement to save his country.


The director of communications at the nonprofit organization GlobalGiving, Marlena Hartz, stated that “Our data shows that giving continues to be strong right now, and people are responding generously to help those in need.” This is an organization which runs a Coronavirus Relief Fund that already has raised more than $1 million.

However, Marlena warns “many nonprofits in our communities are struggling to survive in the time of the coronavirus, with lost revenue from fundraising events, sudden technology needs, and an increase in demand for help from people who need food, access to health care, and more.” Hence, it’s crucial right now to raise your voice for those who are in need on social media. If you can share something, please go for it.





Marlena states that it’s heartwarming to see people get together to help each other. “People are so creative. From this hand-washing parody to celebrity giving challenges, we’re continually surprised and overjoyed by the ingenuity and kindness of people in the midst of this global crisis.”

Some people make donations though they don’t have much for themselves, which is inspiring. Marlena remembers when Jacqueline who is also a nonprofit founder, made a generous donation to Coronavirus Relief Fund. “She said she does not ‘know what tomorrow holds’ for her nonprofit, but ‘she told us that she gives not because she has much, but because she understands what it means to have nothing.'”


This man from Morristown, NJ stands outside the emergency room with this sign. Being humble never goes out of style. 




Another way you can help is supporting your local community. If you have the ability to purchase online, please do! As many shops and restaurants are closed during this outbreak, consider buying gift cards for your loved ones. 

Steve McHugh, San Antonio restaurant owner explained: “gift cards are like interest-free loans”.  He says that the money earned through gift cards is more like an investment for the restaurants to run after everything ‘cools down’. 

And the advantage of all this is, you don’t need to be in physical contact with anyone. You can still follow the rule, distancing yourself. 


#11 Coronavirus-Wholesome-Quarantine-Good-News


A man feeding his neighborhood dog. 

PS: This image was taken before the outbreak of Covid-19










Not all heroes wear capes!


“After 11 hospital days and losing 12kg, my 78yr old dad is home and recovered from Covid in Madrid!”





“Our neighbour doesn’t have Wi-Fi, so we talked her through joining ours. Once on she received 70 messages from her children living overseas.”








Priority for elders


“Can someone buy me 3 bottles of milk?”


“I (27m) mentioned that I am out of work and my elderly neighbor left this on my doorstep”


“My Great-Uncle visits his wife every day. She’s in an Assisted Living facility as she has Alzheimer’s, so he can’t go in right now for safety reasons. That doesn’t stop him from showing his endearing love.”





Still better than so-called first world counties.



“Minnesota & Vermont will classify grocery store employees as ER workers, qualifying for free childcare.”