Maintain Your Mental Fitness too

When we think about fitness, what comes to your mind? Well, the first thing comes to our mind is physical fitness as lifting weights and maintaining a ‘perfect body’. But when we talk about mental fitness, what comes to your mind, books? Songs? Well, including those, there are many more to have mental fitness. Read this article to find out how to improve your mental fitness.

  • Mental exercises and physical exercises

These two are linked even though you believe it or not. How would you feel when you are not in good health? It sucks right? See, you need to balance both your mental and physical fitness in order to feel alright. So, you have to do physical exercise at least for half an hour if you want to maintain your mental fitness.

  • Manage your personal life and office life

You have to have a clear line between your personal life and office life. This means, leave your office work at the office and focus on your family life at home. Yes, this could be easier said than done. But this is not impossible. What you need is practice. Yes, it’s hard to forget the problems at the office when you are at home sipping a cup of coffee. But is there anything you could do? NO! So what you have to do is to focus on doing something you like, watch TV, read a book, anything to make you feel relaxed.

  • Worry less

Let’s say that you’re in a relationship and everything is going perfectly well. Did you fool yourself that everything will be the same, all the time? Yeah, that’s where we go wrong. Change is an inevitable thing and trust me, sometimes, things are beyond your control. So, what can we do for things we can’t change? Cry? Reminiscing? Yeah, maybe but can you live your whole life being worried? You can’t right because even though you like it or not, you have to move on.

This moving-on process would be easier if you try to choose happiness. I know it’s freaking hard to be optimistic when everything falls apart. But if you try hard, you can come into terms with your problems and with yourself. This takes time, maybe weeks, maybe months, but it’s far better than worrying about something you can’t change.

  • One at a time

Yeah, we consider ourselves as multitasking. Calling your partner while driving, arranging a party when you are stuck with your work at the office. Yes, there are times multitasking comes in handy but not all the time. But if you are on a date and you are texting with your friends, it’s not multitasking. It’s about giving priority. Simply, when you pay attention to one thing at a time, you’d be able to enjoy your life more.

  • Read, Listen, Watch

If you are interested in reading books, listening to songs or watching movies, do it more. Even though they are simple activities, they can develop your mental fitness in a strong way. For example, take movies, the more you watch movies, the more you learn about the world. This opens up your capacity for understanding. As a result, you get a broader view of the world. However, you don’t need to watch movies which you can’t even understand. If a cartoon makes you happy, go for it.

  • Hobbies for the brain

These are simple activities. Games like, Sudoku, chess, checkers can bring you mental fitness. Through these games, what you do is, developing your thinking abilities and they stimulate your brain. Also, it helps to increase your concentration level.  So, try to do any kind of brain-stimulating game using your phones whenever you are free.

  • Positive gossiping

When you are meeting your friends, you gossip, right? Trust me, we need that once in a while. But what matters is, when you talk about something, try to come up with a conversation which relaxes you and then a brainstorming topic.  There are so many things you don’t know about and if you listen, you’d learn a lot of new things. So, these kinds of conversations can help to boost your mental fitness in every way.

Keep in mind that, to have mental fitness, you have to get out of your comfort zone.  Having mental fitness doesn’t mean that you are in your safe zone, without taking any risk. It simply means that you go out of your safe zone AND make your mind to face challenges, and that’s what we call living.