Cousins reunited after 75 years managing to escape holocaust

World War II separated millions of families But still positive things can happen out of this horrible era, even as late as 75 years later. These two cousins were  ​​separated during the holocaust and never thought they would see each other again. They supposed the worst until they found three quarters of a century later!

Morris Sana and Simon Mairowitz who grew up in Romania in the late 1930 were very close. Even Their families were incredibly close and the couple grew up more like brothers than cousins. But things changed sooner than expected. When the Nazis invaded Romania in 1940 and many peple left the country. Unfortunately, their families of these two young boys fled in opposite directions and the children never saw each other again. With no way to get in touch with each other, these boys thought they would never see each other again.

Millions of people died in concentration camps during the Holocaust, and it could have been so easily one of these boys. But, both managed to escape. Simon fled to the United Kingdom and Morris to Israel.

The years have passed and many changes have occurred. As such, Morris’s niece was looking for a lost family on Facebook. There he met Simon’s daughter. The couple shared what they knew and quickly found the whole story. The power of social networks!

Morris and Simon met in Tel Aviv, Israel. The cousins ​​are incredibly emotional, Morris immediately said, “It’s a pleasure to see you!” And he kissed his long lost parent. Tears flow, but Simon reassures his cousin. “We are now,” he said. “And we can see each other.”

Look at the emotional meeting below. We are lucky that this family is beginning to repair the relationships destroyed by the Holocaust. The cousins ​​hope to stay in touch and meet as often as possible.