Amazon Tribe Saves Half A Million Acres Of Rain forest By winning a lawsuit

We must all do our part to save the rainforests because they are extremely important for life on the planet. They create a lot of oxygen to keep us alive. Trees also use carbon dioxide, reducing global warming. The Amazon rainforest is the largest in the world, but its destruction is faster every year. Fortunately, people are realizing this and are doing something to stop it. The last people to do this are an Amazonian tribe.

The Waorani are from Ecuador and have lived there for centuries. In recent years, they have waged a legal battle against a large oil company that nobody thought they could win.

The Ecuadorian government planned to drill oil in an area of ​​seven million acres of tropical forest. However, the Amazonian tribe that lives in Pastaza, an area that would have been affected, put an end to this.

They blocked the auction of the area, where 16 oil blocks would have been placed there. In addition, they protected an additional half million acres of their land from possible drilling.

The spokesperson for the Waorani of Pastaza, the Amazonian tribe in question, Oswando Nenquimo, made a statement.

“Today, we protected our forest from oil drilling, we have protected our water from pollution, we have protected our children from the disease, and this is a legal precedent for the rights of indigenous peoples,

“But the struggle is far from over, the government will appeal because it still wants oil under our land, the indigenous nations of the Amazon and around the world must unite to protect our homes.”

This decision is important for the safety of the rainforest, the preservation of the environment and the rights of indigenous peoples.